Wednesday, January 27, 2021

New Warehouse and Office Building Proposed in Commerce

 By: Chad Kim

GPT Shelia Street Owner LP proposes constructing a new warehouse and office building in the City of Commerce.

The proposed development site is located at 5200 Shelia St which comprises a total of 5.6 acres. The project site is currently developed with the following: 

  • Two buildings
    • Larger office building 
      • Four stories (75 ft tall) and 104,888 sq ft
    • Cafeteria for office staff
      • One story (17 ft tall) and 8,065 sq ft
  • A guard shack
  • surface parking with 429 spaces 
  • Ornamental trees and landscaping

Source; Larger rectangular building located bottom right side and smaller building to the left side

The existing buildings would be demolished to make way for a one story modern warehouse and office building (41 ft tall) comprising a total of 114,898 sq ft. Further breakdown of square footage shows warehousing would take up 100,898 sq ft and the rest would be allocated to office use (14,000 sq ft). Also, 13,786 sq ft would be allocated towards landscaping. There would also be 116 surface vehicle parking spaces. 

Source; Site Plan

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